Resolving "Ben's Map"

Episode-" The Looking Glass"
Ben and the Others are located at a tent camp. Ben realizes that the Losties are traveling toward the Radio Tower while the ten people he sent to the beach camp have been ambushed and eventually killed.
Ben considers his best chance to stop the Losties from reaching the Radio Tower in their quest to contact the off shore freighter is to confront them.
Ben displays a map and marks a line from the Beach camp with the Radio tower using a red marker. He also marks a line from the Pascal Flats to the Radio Tower with the red marker.
The map Ben uses is somehow distorted. Ben's map is actually three sections of the Island's compete map, but without a logical configuration.
The way Ben's map is presented seems to be an illogical pattern of incongruous sections.
The following shows how Ben's Radio Tower map is properly aligned with respect the actual Island map.

Ben's Radio Tower Map Last Updated 04/10


Quasark said...

Mmh... I'm not really that convinced on this one. I'm pretty sure that the Cabin Map Locke found in 411, Cabin Fever, is based on the same map as this one. I already showed on my blog how these maps actually align perfectly. So, if one is folded, the other one should be too. But it's not the case for the Cabin Map, as it's drawn on a blueprint.
Also, if the Radio Tower Map was folded in a way that the upper part would appear mirrored, why the writings aren't mirrored as well?
I don't know, I'm not convinced at all... It just seems too complicated (I'm not saying Lost isn't complicated anymore, of course). Clarifications would be more than welcomed ;)


TheLostMap said...

I don't understand why the map is this way. I tried, but could not reproduce it by folding large prints.

As I stated in the post, 'The map Ben uses is somehow distorted... .. but without a logical configuration.'

Perhaps I should remove the section about folding a map so it doesn't draw attention from the detail of the map. If you look closely at Rousseau's map, you will see that Ben's map is identical to hers, but only in sections.