Resolving 'Panoramic' View

In resolving the 'Panoramic view', the most important thing to realize is that what you assume to be true, may not be. This is typical for LOST.

What many people think is obvious about the 'Panoramic view' is that since there are two plumes of smoke, the right one is the tail section, and the other must be the fuselage/cockpit section.
Actually, smoke plume on the left is the plane's right engine. The planes left wing and right engine separate just after the tail section does. The right engine falls with a plume of smoke behind it. This is what most people mistakenly believe is the fuselage/cockpit.
The fuselage/cockpit with the right wing and left engine intact continue to fly forward and are above the view of the photo.

Photo A- As the tail section separates, the left wing and right engine also separate. The right engine develops a trail of smoke.

Photo B- Depicts the fuselage traveling forward with it's right wing intact. Also shown is
the beginning of the diverging plumes of smoke that will show the tail section and right engine on the panoramic view.

The following three drawing present a graphical representation of the landscape and flight 815 breakup. For mountain numbers see Post above this, Methods Used to Locate items.

Edit: Will repost 'Possible Flight Path of Oceanic Flight 815' (08-27-09)

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Anonymous said...

but at the crash sight both wings are intact with the plane,,

one resting on the ground the other was suspended till it fell and blew up

TheLostMap said...

I'm not sure of the right wing, but the left wing is intact, which doesn't agree with the scene. Also, they show three engines for a jet that only has two, with one that fell off. It does appear that both wings may be intact. This was brought up on forum boards and the consensus was that TBTB paid a lot of $ for the plane and were going to use it. Either that, or it is a clue. We don't know. But revisit Episode 03x01 and you will see what this post illustrates.

Nicholas Atanasio said...

I have two main problems with this explanation of the panoramic view.

First off, we did indeed see two engines at the beach crash site - one was crashed next to the fuselage, the other remained on the wing and fired until it sucked in Gary Troup.

Now, while it may be true that there are 3 separate engines: one intact and two that explode, in that scene, the point is that, somehow, both engines must end up at the beach. This leads me to conclude that the right engine must have somehow continued on the same trajectory as the fuselage, therefore placing it on the beach too.

My second problem with this is the geography. Although you may have used mountain profiles, something I commend you on, your explanation does not at all match up with the actual geography of what is seen in the show. In the show, the tail crashes near a very large cove. In your map, it does not crash there, and the placement of the barracks also seems to disagree with what was seen in the panoramic view.

Please know this isn't anything against you. I think what you are doing, particularly in cataloging mountains, is fantastic, and I've loved seeing it so far.

- Nick