Blast Door Map

Quote from extras on Blu-Ray version of LOST:

"The Blast Door map was incredibly accurate. However, there were two spectrums to the map, and we only saw one. The question mark is the Pearl Station, and the various references to the monster and its travel patterns were 'pretty definitive.'"

We simply can't resolve the Blast Door Map without knowing what the second spectrum is. Although there is a lot of useful information that can be gleaned from the notes, and the map itself, until a full understanding of the Blast Door Map is available, we cannot use it for item location.


LostySmurf said...

Hey Mike,

I read the aforementioned comment of the Blu-Ray extras at DarkUFO's some time ago and my first intention was that TPTB will "revive" the BDM by adding some more details that are only visable applying a different method on the BDM (instead of using black light). So my interpretation of this comment is: The BDM is very accurate now, but an important point is missing to fully understand it (the things only visable using the other light spectrum).

Well, no other map we have seen so far is so close to be confirmed as accurate by TPTB. Actually, that statement encourages me to intensify my analysis on the BDM. I know, it might be just a red herring but I think it seems to be too important to be neclected. But that's just my interpretation and I might be very wrong.

TheLostMap said...

I agree that the Blast Door Map is very important. There is a lot of very important information and very accurate map locations, as TPTBB, have mentioned.

As a matter of fact, I believe that the hatched station is consistent with the flooded northern border in that it may have been located in the flooded plain.

My problem is that with my map, I have a high confidence level on at least 3 stations. I have a very high confidence level on at least 2 stations. You should only need 2 stations to complete that map. It simply doesn't work for me. Either I'm placing stations in the wrong places (very possible) or I'm not sure how to interpret the map. One thing that always bothered me about the Blast Door Map is this: How did Radinsky and Kelvin accurately place distances that incorporated elevations? There are very little level plains on this island. It would be very difficultto cross mountains and valleys and plot a map similar to the Blast Door Map.


Anonymous said...

This guy's trying to resolve the blast door map with the island via LostySmurf's map:


ReverendMilo said...
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ReverendMilo said...

I believe that the other spectrum is reference to the other version of the blast door map seen in the game Lost: Via Domus. That map showed other details because it was seen under a different spectrum. It is canon as it was provided to the game makers by TPDB.


TheLostMap said...


Via Domus is NOT in canon. From the producer's mouth.
This is an interview with the producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. What needs to be read for the purposes of this topic will be posted below the link.


Towards the bottom of the page it says:

So what's official and what's not? What's ''canon?''

CUSE: The mobisodes are in canon. The Orchid video is in canon. The videogame is not in canon. It's unfair for the audience to go to ancillary sources in order to really understand the show. Even the things like the mobisodes, which are in canon, aren't essential to your understanding of the show. These things are just added bonuses.

I'm surprised that Lostpedia states that it is canon. Although Lostpedia is a great reference, anyone can add whatever they want until someone edits it.

Anonymous said...

The game Via Domus is not canon, but the blast door map shown in the game is canon.

Nicholas Atanasio said...

I know this conversation ended quite a while ago, but the above comment is correct.

Although the game itself is non-canon, the BDM is shown in another spectrum with more notes, and this other view has been stated as a canon element of the game.

- Nick