Resolving "Temple Map"


The following occurs during episode Meet Kevin Johnson, 04x08.

Ben's Barrack- Ben is concerned with the immanent danger that the freighter people pose to his daughter.
Ben persuades Alex to go to a location he calls "the temple" with Karl and Danielle. Ben tells Alex the rest of the Others are already at the sanctuary of the temple. He provides Alex, Rousseau, and Karl with a map to travel from the barracks to the temple.
Ben tells Alex she is in danger because the people who are coming to the Island will use her as a pawn in an attempt influence Ben.He assures Alex that her mother ( Rousseau) will protect her and Karl throughout their trip to the temple. Karl and Rousseau agree with Ben that  they should go to the temple.

The map Ben provides locates the position of the Temple with respect to the barracks.